Strings Theory Trio

What do you hear when you listen to new music? The gestures? The form? The texture?  
This CD is full of compositions that offer you a chance to hone in on your favorite element of music.  Many musical elements are set, but even more are left up to the individual players.  Even though there is a CD, each performance will be different - new pitches, rhythms, harmonies.  Yet the compositions will be familiar because the shapes will still be the same.  
       If you want a CD just email me!  They are free!
I am thrilled to be releasing fixed versions of this music and so excited to have created them with Helen Sherrah-Davies (five-string violin) and Junko Fujiwara (cello),  my musical heroines!
Here is the video for  Flashback

and a score to give you an idea of what is fixed and what is created on the spot.

The empty measures at Letter A are where each player creates their own theme.  That is number 1.  Players must remember their theme and be able to repeat it.  At Letter B the theme is played down a 5th.  At letter D the rhythm of the theme is played as close to middle C as possible. 

Here are some other videos from this collection:

“Mimi Rabson and Strings Theory Trio ... brought intensity and passion to their realizations.”

Brian Schuth, The Boston Musical Intelligencer.

We just got a lovely review in The Boston Intelliger.  Check it out here!

“Lively and engaging, a journey that you are thrilled to be on.” - Liane Curtis

"Mimi Rabson and Strings Theory Trio have succeeded wonderfully at
what many try to do: creating improvised music that sounds, flows and moves as if it's been composed, yet has the expressiveness, spirit and freedom of improvised music."- Darrell Katz, composer, Jazz Composers Alliance

Past concerts:

w/the Jazz Composers Alliance 4/29/16 and 4/25/15 @ the Footlight Club in JP, MA

Loring-Greenough House 4/10/16 and 4/6/14 and 1/20/13, JP, MA

as part of the Equinox Festival @ Boston Conservatory, Boston, MA 3/21/16

St. John’s 10/24/15

Playing for the Planet @ Community Church of Boston, 11/7/15

Berklee College of Music 1/20/16; 6/4/14, 4/6/14, Boston, MA

Taylor House, 4/26/13, JP, MA

The Advent Library 2/22/13, Boston, MA

FRIDAY NIGHT in JP We’re playing some of our favorite tunes like the Darth-Vader-gets-down-to-Parliament/Funkadelic tune, our own Slytherin Theme Song, a tribute to the Boston Green Line E train, the what-cellists’-really-think-about-Pachelbel tune and lots of tunes about the difficulties of time management.  We will also pose the music question - “What if Kurt Cobain was a violist?”.  PLEASE JOIN US!