BREO - Berklee’s Really Eclectic Orchestra


BREO V is preparing for it’s concert on December 7, 7:00 in the Steve Heck Room at Berklee. FREE!!

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Thanks to Peter Xiong for this picture that capture the way I feel about BREO!

Here are all the videos from BREO III

“Happy Together”

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

“You Can Call Me Al”

“Man of War/7734”

“Sweet Child O’Mine”

And here is my favorite quote ever:

Mimi Rabson said; “Put the Stratocaster, Gibson and Rickenbacker back in their cases. Pack-up the DW Drum-Kit. Tell the Horn Section to take 5. A Keyboard? Not today! Enlighten the singers that silence is golden. Okay! Now, get me those Violins and Cellos…we’ve got some Rock & Roll to play!!”