BREO - Berklee’s Really Eclectic Orchestra


BREO III had a wonderful concert in December! All the videos are on youtube and linked below.

BREO IV starts on 1/26! 

We still have a couple of openings. Let me know if you’d like to join us:

Thanks to Peter Xiong for this picture that capture the way I feel about BREO!

Feel free to email me with ?s

Here are all the videos from BREO III

“Happy Together”

“Boulevard of Broken Dreams”

“You Can Call Me Al”

“Man of War/7734”

“Sweet Child O’Mine”

And here is my favorite quote ever:

Mimi Rabson said; “Put the Stratocaster, Gibson and Rickenbacker back in their cases. Pack-up the DW Drum-Kit. Tell the Horn Section to take 5. A Keyboard? Not today! Enlighten the singers that silence is golden. Okay! Now, get me those Violins and Cellos…we’ve got some Rock & Roll to play!!”